Ola’a-Nalo Eskrima of Hawaii is a weapons based martial art drawing influences from the various armed and unarmed fighting arts of the Pacific island jungles. Our motto is “if it works in armed combat we keep it”.

The Philippine martial art of Derobio Escrima as taught by the late Great Grandmaster Brauilo Pedoy is a foundation of our system. At the same time we utilize other Filipino martial techniques such as the ala-contra blocks of Kali and Arnis as well as the grappling movements of Dumog.

Ola’a-Nalo the namesake of this martial system is dedicated to the Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and others that migrated to Hawaii and were assigned to the pineapple and sugar cane fields of the Big Island of Hawaii and the fertile Waimanalo valley located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

It was in these camps at the Ola’a plantation outside of old Hilo town and at Waimanalo Plantation that friends were made between the Filipino immigrants who held the knowledge of deadly fighting arts known as Eskrima, Kali and Arnis.

It is known that in these camps the martial arts of Kung Fu and Karate were introduced to Hawaii. There are many old stories of the immigrants mixing it up on a Saturday night after payday.

Jungle Style is the open training curriculum where we incorporate movements and fighting techniques found primarily but not exclusively in the Pacific Basin area ranging from Hawaii to South East Asia.

Training in this area is not limited to stick or blade fighting, but may include the use of bow and arrow as well as blow gun and throwing weapons.

We apply the movements from nature, such as the movement of the horse (to evade obstacles), or do not be like the monkey (that holds the fruit to long and gets caught).

In the jungle the tree (bends with the force of the wind, then snaps back once the wind passes). In theJungle Style we encourage the study and practice of the healing arts the come from nature such as but not limited to Reiki, Hilot, Massage (Lomi-Lomi), Magnetic Therapies, etc.

In combat training we utilize the Cinco Teros, 5 strikes only. Combat focus is on direct movements, direct counters, direct disarms, if it take more than 3 moves it is to many. Enganyo techniques are stressed. Light to medium sparring is required in this level of training.

Heavy sparring and or tournament fighting is optional but encouraged. Weapons utilized in the open training are not limited to but rely on 14-36 inch garrotes (sticks), dagger, 26 inch bolo. Spanish and European fencing weapons are utilized to provide a wider variety of weapons training.

One of the most popular training drills is simply called “weird weapons”, you might end up with a 6 foot staff or a 6 inch stick, or a piece of rope or a shield as your weapon. Learn how to use it or die! Fire arms familiarization is encouraged.