ARNIS, KALI, ESKRIMA are forms of the Filipino Combative Arts as taught by Punong Guro Myrlino P. Hufana, the Grandmaster and Chief Instructor. The Academy offers regular training in the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) – ARNIS, KALI, ESKRIMA lead by Punong Guro and several certified instructors.

FMA classes are separate from the Academy’s Taekwondo program. FMA training is not a mixed martial arts program. FMA is a combative art, a complete system of self defense, and a stand alone fighting system.

FMA training, as taught by Punong Guro, is based on classical movements, concepts and philosophy of the Filipino Combative Arts. Admittedly, there a few areas of training that have been modified in order to effectively adapt into today’s fighting scenarios.

The strength of the Filipino Martial Arts is in its ability to conform and adapt into any combative and street fighting situation.  There are four major ranges taught in Punong Guro’s style of FMA – Largo Mano (long range), Medio (mid range), Corto (close quarters), and Dumog (Filipino ground fighting).

The weapons utilized will depend on the range of combat. The weaponry used in training will vary from the student’s level of proficiency and training experience.

The basics will include rattan sticks of several lengths – long (36″ – 40″), medium (26″ – 28″), and short (20″ – 24″). Training daggers of various styles and other traditional Filipino bladed weaponry will also be used in some areas of training. Although the FMA’s main arsenal are the weapons, Mano a Mano or empty hands, Pilipino Boksing and Sipa (kicks) are also used.

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