Fundamentals of Stick Blocks and Counters


Quotes from the Masters

“I do not specialize nor favor any combat range. Everything depends on my opponent and the development and evolution of the fight.”

Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo

“Like a door, once you go in don’t go back out or you’ll just have to go back in again. Therefore, you must continuously attack your opponent.”

Master Christopher Ricketts

“A master of the art must be a master of himself. He must be in control. His daily life epitomizes a man in control of his life, his destiny.”

Maestro Edgar Sulite

“Strong leaders are men of tempered character with unwavering constancy of purpose”

Professor Herminio B. Binas Sr.

“The arnis stick is the extension of Sikaran’s empty hand blocks.”

Grandmaster Meliton Geronimo

“Good martial artists are acutely aware of the skeletal system of the body. You have to to have a complete knowledge of how the body is put together to be an efficient martial artist.”

Grandmaster Sam Tendencia

“I really don’t have any specialties or standard approaches to combat. You cannot. It all depends on your opponent. It’s all situational based. There are no special techniques. Only practical, applicable, and effective techniques.”

Grandmaster Eulogio Canete

“You don’t know if your art will save you; none of us ever do. All you can do is trust that it will”

Guro Dan Inosanto

“There are only so many ways to hurt the human body, and everyone invented them.”

Guru Dan Inosanto

“Peace is not without conflict; It is the ability to cope with conflict.”

Grandmaster Leo M. Giron

“No matter how strong you may be, you cannot break barriers with strength alone.”

Grandmaster Raymond Tobosa

“You will be afraid to tackle anything if you do not have courage and perseverance.”

Master Carlos Escorpizo

“If you want to go into the martial arts, don’t do it unless you want to become better than the others. You must practice, practice, practice.”

Professor Amante P. Marinas Sr.

“In my youth, training was hard and I was the punching bag of my teachers. I became tough and accepted all challenges.”

Grandmaster Bobby Taboada

“We believe in life, not in death. We believe in success, not in failure. We believe in health, not in sickness.”

Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje

“The mind and body of the martial artist is conditioned through countless moments of training, to serve the purpose of self-defense with prudence when life and honor depend on it.”

Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema

“My style is the best style. That’s all I can say based on what I know.”

Grandmaster Angel Cabales

“There is no such thing as a better martial art, just better practitioners. I became a better practitioner as a result of my studies.”

Professor Florendo M. Visitacion

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