RAPIDO REALISMO KALI (RRK or RRKali) is a Filipino self defense system officially founded on April 1997 by Punong Guro Henry Espera.

It is a traditional martial art-based system adapted for modern times, an art designed to work under the most stressful conditions, utilizing the persons natural reaction to danger as a starting point for self defense techniques. Its roots came from three distinct systems: Kali Ilustrisimo, Orabes Heneral Eskrima and Automatic Arnis.

The name Rapido Realismo Kali was coined from two Filipino adapted words from the Spanish language: Rapido which means fast, or in quick succession, and Realismo which refers to concern for fact or reality, or the rejection of the impractical. RRKali techniques emphasize quick PRACTICAL strikes done in succession until the opponent is subdued.

RRKali is a comprehensive weapons-based fighting system with its own style of unarmed combat called SABAKAN, a close-quarters combat system using quick takedowns, brutal strikes, “attacking” footwork (aggressive and tactical placement of the feet during combat) and joint manipulations to finish off opponents.

In Sabakan, practitioners are taught to apply all techniques against a moving or resisting opponent. IF THE TECHNIQUES CANNOT BE APPLIED UNDER SUCH CONDITIONS, IT IS DISCARDED.

The system strongly advocates one-on-one training as done by the masters of old to impart knowledge and skills to their students (usually father and son).

Each student being trained in the system gets the same basic initial lessons but is encouraged to interpret the techniques according to their own perspectives.

EVERY STUDENT IS FREE TO EXPLORE, add his own techniques as he sees fit, ‘battle test’ the techniques in the group’s weekly get-togethers in Manila, Philippines and share them with other students.

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