Eskabo Daan Martial Arts strives to give all who wish to learn the ability and knowledge to feel confident about being able to defend themselves.

We believe in working smart not hard and our method of martial arts reflects just that. One of our philosophies is that anyone should be able to defend themselves adequately.

Here at Eskabo Daan Martial Arts you will learn how to defend against armed attackers as well as unarmed attackers. One of our specialities is the ability to use everyday items as a tool for self defense.

Based in San Francisco, California, Eskabo Daan is a Filipino Martial Art. The name is an acronym for the fighting styles Eskrima [E], Serrada [S], Kali [K], Arnis [A], Boxing [B] and Jeet Kune Do [O]. Daan means “the way”.

It is a weapons based system that incorporates empty hand and joint locking techniques. This art was founded by Grand Master Robert Castro, whose 30 plus years of Martial Arts experience, led him to the creation of this unique and effective style.