Master Alberto Sr.

In 1962 Alberto D. Dacayana Sr., began his studies in the unique style of SAN MIGUEL ESKRIMA, with the late Grandmaster Felimon “Momoy” Canete. Momoy was considered, during his time, as the “Walking Bible of Eskrima”.

It was during this period that Albert Dacayana began to gain recognition from his Grandmaster as a rare individual who could easily create techniques based on anticipation.

In the 1970’s Albert Dacayana was given the authority to teach thousands of soldiers at Camp Lapu Lapu, Lahug, Cebu City, as an official instructor of both Eskrima and Combat Judo, while also being active in the service of the Military Philippine Constabulary.

In September 20th 1971, Albert Dacayana founded the WORLD MIG-SUNE-DO ESKRIMA CLUB. World Mig-Sune-Do is an evolution of Martial Arts from the ancient, to the latest empty hand and modified stick fighting techniques.

These fighting techniques aim to develop self confidence, courage and discipline. It is an original combination of Eskrima,Combat Judo and Wing Chun Kung Fu which produces a perfect defense and fighting system.

Grandmaster Albert Dacayana is presently living in Rome, Italy continually propagating the art of World Mig-Sune-Do. His son Master Alberto “Jhun” Dacayana currently continues the instruction in Cebu City, the Philippines. He can be contacted at the following telephone numbers.:

Master Jhun Alberto Jr.

A Bachelor’s Degree holder and an educator. Born in 1971, Master Alberto Dacayana Jr. began with his studies in Eskrima with his late Grand Father Dalmacio “Enciong” Alicaway Father of his mother.

Only few people knows about his Grand Father Dalmacio in the world of Eskrima since the former had never involved when it comes into teaching.

At the age of eight his grandfather Dalmacio (enciong) Alicaway, originating in the island of Negros Occidental, has started teaching him because of the fact that the younger Dacayana has showed enough interest in the art of Eskrima.

His Mentor was a certified Police Force called Police Bantoc. This battalion was charged to make hunting for Japanese who at that time occupied the Philippine Archipelago. In 1982, Dalmacio dies and Jhun continues with his studies.

Jhun having found a work with the town hall of Cebu City in 1988 up to the present, and still interested in the various Martial Arts like: Karate (Okinawan style) under the tutulage of his father’s best friend, Grandmaster Winnie Delarosa, Traditional Tai-Chi under the tutulage of Grandmaster Tan as well as with Boxing under the guidance of his uncle Rolando Dacayana.

In 1990 he began with his training of the San Miguel system under the direction of his father Alberto Dacayana Sr., who was personally trained by the famous Grandmaster Felimon “momoy” Canete. Jhun continues to develop what was transmitted to him, in fact he is a holder of the third generation, of the San Miguel system from the founder Grandmaster Momoy Canete down to his father Grandmaster Alberto Dacayana and lastly to Master Jhun Dacayana as the third generation.

In 2004 Master Jhun has decided to change the name of their Eskrima School from Mig-Sune-Do Eskrima De San Miguel to Mig-Sune-Do Eskrima Dacayana System because of the fact that Mig-Sune-Do Eskrima Dacayana System is totally defferent from that of San Miguel Eskrima.

It is faster and stronger than before especially the footwork which is the main identity of the Mig-Sune-Do Eskrima Dacayana System.


12 Basic strikes

The 12 Basic strikes form the basis of the dacayana system
  1. Foreward stance – abanico – temple
  2.  Foreward stance – abanico – temple
  3.  Going to back stance – collarbone
  4.  Foreward stance – rib to chin
  5.  Going to back stance – rib to chin
  6.  Foreward stance – collarbone
  7.  Going to back stance – plansa – waist
  8.  Foreward stance – plansa – waist
  9.  Going to back stance – totsar -hooking to eyes
  10.  Step back to cross leg – snap
  11.  Foreward stance – flywheel – top of head
  12.  Going to back stance – groin