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Defensor Method of Filipino Martial Arts is a complete system that enables you to turn your whole body and anything around you as a weapon. These arts are thought to be weapon based only but in actuality it is a complete system of self-defense. You will learn fighting drills using the stick, knife, staff and the whole body as a weapon.

Guro Nate Defensor has been teaching the “Defensor Method” of Filipino-Indonesian Martial Arts for 35 years in the Chicagoland area.

Defensor Method is a combination of Inayan System, Pekiti-Tirsia, Inosanto Blend, Tobosa/Villabrille System, Pusaka Dwipantara Silat, Jalur Putih Pencak Silat, Doce Pares Eskrima, Derobio, Balintawak, Muay-Thai, Kuntao, and Kickboxing.

Equipment: Rattan sticks, focus mitts, thai pads, air shield, gloves, full contact stick fighting gear, any heavy bag/speed bag/double end bag combo, any mat, tires, pipes, baseball bat, etc…

Classes & Seminars could also include training in: solo stick training, partner stick drills, shadow boxing, warmups, stretching, meditation, jump rope, calisthenics, multiple man attack drills, self defense drills, motivation lectures, punching, kicking, locking, throwing, matwork, grappling, sensitivity drills, sparring drills, forms, sayaws, orasyon, hilot, anting-anting, seguidas, numerado, lock and block, counters, staff drills, baseball bat drills, sitting down self-defense drills, lying down drills, reflex training, lessons in timing, lessons in awareness, gun defense, knife defense, projectile weapon training, flexible weapon training, footwork, evasive maneuvers, rolling, falling, fakes, feints, releases, police/security/bouncer tactics, and thousands of techniques this webpage cannot possibly cover in detail.