It should be mentioned that each practice associated with Balintawak Eskrima and shadow fighting enhances balance, precision, concentration, coordination, and endurance.

Shadow fight training, nevertheless, has the more useful qualities because it also evolves fluidity and creativeness in its enthusiasts.

Fluidity is the capability of a practitioner to be able to shift and change form without breaking under pressure just like water that can alter rapidly with less effort.

Put water in any container and it would take the form of the container. Squeeze it in your hands and it would slip through your fingertips without fighting off.

Like boxing, Balintawak shadow fighting has no set-up forms or patterns. It might adopt the actual 1-2-3 strikes that is much like Western boxing, but it does not utilize an arranged combination of strikes that are present in formal types of martial arts.

In essence, it is flexible and formless like water. Thus, the practitioners of the art flow as though they are like water; fast and spontaneous.

Shadow fighting provides a method of developing as well as enhancing fluidity in motion. The concept and excellence of fluidity is necessary to respond spontaneously to several offensive as well as defensive moves – much like sound and echo.

This facilitates sleek flow along with the application of different techniques within an unstructured series.

Creativity is another essential quality that’s developed via unstructured shadow fight training. Creativity is understood to be the power to produce or create something.

It requires cleverness and imagination; not merely mechanized skills or techniques. It’s the ability to create visual images of one’s mythical opponent (utes) and absolutely no form is comparable to each other when it comes to sequence, techniques or movements.

Therefore, each form is taken as a brand new experience. This can help enhance the process of creativity. Along with creativity comes the opportunity to create offensive as well as defensive techniques at their maximum level.

The built-in quality associated within creativity and fluidity in shadow fight practice allows it’s practitioners to build up important defensive and offensive characteristics to its best potential and facilitates in the enhancement and processing of its specialized execution as far as techniques are concerned.

Accurate and effective refinement looks toward simplicity. And simplicity is certainly not adding more unnecessary forms which affects fluidity and creativity.

Balintawak Eskrima shadow fight practice will enhance your fluidity and creativity without losing speed, efficiency and power.

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