ETF Combat Escrima

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Is an old fighting art, originating from the combination of the European fencing school and Southeast Asian martial arts. Escrima training these days involves the different aspects of fighting with weapons.

In the long run, the possibility of defense against attacks with and without weapons, belongs just as much to ones repertoire as unarmed combat principles and strategies.

Meanwhile it was not only the cinema that discovered this unique and  unusual martial art. Rather, it is practiced by different people all over the world, and thus it continues to be optimized in its effectiveness, with and without weapons.

In our studio, we concentrate on the present and experience the current most exciting developments in Escrima.

We practice the most modern training methods, free from redundant hierarchies and ceremonies, and instead concentrating on learning the principles of sparring in the shortest time possible.

In our training we practice unarmed together with the all possible combination of weapons, in order to learn to react to different armed as well as unarmed attacks.

This broad martial art not only trains the body, but equally strengthens ones body as well as mind.


Founder of the Combat Escrima Berlin.

  • Several times  international German Champion in full contact Escrima at the ETF
  • Active martial artistist since 1983
  • Acting couch and fight choreographer since 2000, as well as giving seminar in
    Los Angeles
  • Experience since many years in crowd control and security