The late Great Grand Master Liborio G. Heyrosa was the creator and developer of the Eskrima De Cuerdas system of fighting. The youngest of four siblings, he was born in Asinan, a small coastal town, but later moved to Mandaue where he resided for the rest of his life.

At an early age, “Tiboring” (as he was fondly called), developed a fascination and propensity for martial arts, which he followed and developed throughout his adult life. Having been nurtured and rigorously trained under the tutelage of Venacio “Noy Anciong” Bacon and Nene “Ingko Nene” Rosales of the famed Balintawak system, he successfully mastered and completed their “formal system of training” at the early age of 19.

Being neighbours with the two Grand Masters, Tiboring continued his training at the masters’ residences on a daily basis. As the training progressed, Noy Anciong and Ingko Nene encouraged the young Tiboring to revise the fighting system into a more accurate and active defense system that utilized multiple counter offensive strikes in an “unorthodox” manner.

Thus he deviated from the normal series of pre-arranged strikes in the numerical order, and was able to incorporate several forms of combat fighting techniques that he had previously learned.

After 5 more years of training with the Grand Masters and development of this new method, he earned his degree of competence and the title as the sole De Cuerdas Eskrimador. He then continued to develop the De Cuerdas system up until his death, leaving the legacy of his system to his son, Titing, and to his most trusted student, Manuel “Owit” Jecong.

Tiboring’s Martial Arts History and Disciplines:

Below is a list of Tiboring’s martial arts biography and the list of mentors he trained under:

Pre-teen years:

  • Instructor – Angel Gonzaga (Tiboring’s Uncle)
    • Boxing

Teen Years:

  • Instructor – Evaristo “Ingko Varisto” Zambo
    • Sport Judo
    • Dumog (Visayan Jiu-Jitsu)
    • Combat Judo (American Style)
    • Aikido (Bone-crushing Technique)
    • Abanico style of Eskrima
    • Punta y Daga system
  • Intructor – Venacio “Noy Anciong” Bacon
    • Balintawak System

Adult Life

  • Instructors – Venacio “Noy Anciong” Bacon and Nene “Ingko Nene” Rosales
    • De Cuerdas System

Recorded Challenges:

Tiboring had received many fighting challenges throughout his life, in which he had to test his skills against a wide variety of opponents of varied martial arts disciplines. In his lifetime Tiboring did not lose a single challenge offered to him, despite his small stature and build (he was only 5’2). Below is a list of challenges he accepted and their results.

Note: Out of respect to the challengers, their real names will not be used. Instead, only their nicknames will be referred to in this list.

Challenge 1:

  • Challenger: “Gorio” – a rapellon eskrima master from Mindanao with a build and height advantage
  • Duel type: Eskrima in “Huega Todo” (Death Match)
  • Result: the challenger was knocked down three times, and was struck multiple times by Tiboring. The challenger soon surrendered and no further bout took place

Challenge 2:

  • Challenger: “SPO4 Ong” – Jiujitsu master from Mandaue city with a build and height advantage
  • Duel type: Combat Judo, Jiujitsu and wrestling
  • Result: the challenger was able to execute a double-lock, but found this countered by Tiboring who then proceeded to execute a “four-lock” formation, which the challenger was unable to extricate himself from and soon surrendered. No further bout took place.

Challenge 3:

  • Challenger: “Okit Ceniza” – head master of eskrima and karate from Bakilid, Mandaue. Also a master of dagger arming and disarming.
  • Duel type: Dagger (utilizing dummy daggers with charcoal tips)
  • Result: the challenger was the first to deliver multiple strikes but found all his thrusts parried and he was later disarmed. Tiboring then countered with  multiple thrusts and slashes which all found their target, with the challenger being unable to parry or disarm during the duel. The challenger later accepted defeat and did not offer any challenge from that point on.

Challenge 4:

  • Challenger: “Chris A.” – a multi-awarded eskrimador of abanico and punta y daga style with numerous success in tournaments.
  • Duel type: Eskrima
  • Result: The duel lasted about 1 minute when the challenger stopped the fight abruptly after receiving a barrage of strikes from Tiboring which he was unable to defend himself against. No other bout was offered.

Challenge 5:

  • Challenger: “Delfin” –  master eskrima instructor.
  • Duel type: Eskrima in “Huega Todo” (Death Match)
  • Result: Duel lasted about 30 seconds when the fight was abruptly stopped by the challenger. He had received multiple blows to the back and kidney area and was unable to continue. He later apologized to Tiboring for the challenge and no further bout was offered.