Dentoy Revillar was a famous martial arts master from the Philippines and the creator of SLD, a system named in honor of his three teachers. He used initials of his teachers methods to name his system, Serrada-Largo Mano-Decuerdas.

He used the S from Angel Cabales‘ Serrada; the L from Leo Giron‘s Largo Mano; and the D from Gilbert Tenio De Cuerdas. Revillar is one of Angel Cabales’ earliest students, and Revillar was captured on film with Cabales in the famous footage from the demo at the Long Beach Internationals over 30 years ago.

Dentoy Revillar, along with Max Sarmiento, and Angel Cabales helped his master to open the first large public school in Filipino martial arts in the United States, where they taught:

Dentoy Revillar would step in as instructor when one of the masters was absence.

Dentoy Revillar was also a student of Gilbert Tenio system Decuerdas.

Dentoy Revillar eventually created his own system called SLD, the abbreviation of “Serrada Larga Decuerdas Hand” a combination of:

  • Serrada Cabales Escrima Angel Cabales;
  • Giron Arnis Escrima of Leogivildo “Leo” Giron who specializes in the style Larga Mano ;
  • Decuerdas Gilbert Tenio.

Revillar was a member of the West Coast Eskrima Society or WES with Max Sarmiento, one of the founders of the Escrima Coalition, and Leo Giron and John Eliab, who was the heir of the De Cuerdas system.

Among Dentoy Revillar students, most who trained at the School of Cabales, were:

  • Dan Inosanto of Inosanto Lacoste Kali
  • Carlito Bonjoc Jr. of Cadiz Lapu-Lapu
  • Mike del Mar
  • Rene Latosa of Latosa Escrima

Dexter Labonog of Bahala na Multi-Style, system formed by the combination of the SLD of Dentoy Revillar with Giron arnis escrima od Leo Giron and Javier Escrima Method of Isidro Javier.

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