By Mataw Guro Andy Sanano

The Mataw Guro Association (MGA) is new and still forming. The purpose (or Mission) of the MGA is one which serves the best interests of those who truly appreciate and respect the benefits of learning the skills and traditions of the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).

The efforts of the MGA also serve to enhance the image of Filipino culture and people in general. The Mission is solid and completely positive.

In the formation of any new organization, especially among those of us who have suffered the abuse of those more forceful (colonial powers), we often find that we do not trust each other.

With that mistrust there will often come efforts to discredit the new organization, even when it has everyone’s best interests at heart. Negative gossip from so called “reliable sources” is expected to circulate like the spreading of manure over the fields.

As much as that manure will stink, it will serve to fertilize the Earth and help the new plants to grow and prosper. The MGA, as a new plant, will also grow and prosper even with the aid of those who misunderstand, misrepresent and fear our Mission.

Out of their fear comes the negativity spread like fertilizer. The result will help in the growth of the MGA and its Mission of FMA Education.

When MGA members hear or read any negative thoughts regarding the MGA it will be tempting to react negatively in return. It might seem necessary to pick up the struggle against those who present negative attitudes and disrespect our efforts.

The Sanano Martial Arts System teaches us to “Learn to fight, not to fight.” Part of the meaning of this helps us now. When the person is offered an invitation to fight from one who has such a negative attitude, it is so easy to be pulled in to that negative attitude and to fight.

Fighting always harms someone. Revenge and conflict always invite more of the same. Instead, let me look within myself to find my own conflict.

Then, I can work it out inside and have no need to fight the other. Maybe most violence and negative reactions can actually be prevented. The FMA and MGA are here for us to help each other, not bring more conflict and harm.

Salamat po!
Mataw Guro Andy Sanano
MGA International Coordinator