The importance of pace and speed is best indicated in the subsequent phrases: “When the opponent cuts you through the skin, cut him through the bone.” Samurai SayingA fragment of a second would mean the difference between life or death in an actual mortal combat.

This is the reason why the attacks, counter attacks, and defensive moves of Balintawak Eskrima go with gravity. By no means sacrifice pace and speed for strength or power.

If there is speed or pace, there is strength and power; not the other way round.Speed is a vital element in the specialized execution of offense, optimum defense, and counter-attacks.

A way of attaining optimum speed would be to improve one’s reactions. This is done by maintaining a calm mind which like water would reflect its surroundings.

However, it’s clear representation would be disrupted when it ripples. Reaction ought to follow instantly upon the acknowledgment of risk or danger, or better still, assume the risk be positive. Stay relaxed but psychologically alert, just like a predator hunting for it’s prey.

You should be fast for that kill and tense your muscles only at the point of impact. The harmony attributed to muscle motion contributes to the improvement of speed and motion.

The muscle is relaxed again right after the point of impact and is ready to do follow-up strikes.Reduce your main weapon. Use your primary weapon to the limits of its effectiveness.

It is for this reason why Balintawak Arsinadors are both proficient in weaponry and bare-hands self-defense. Use your limbs for close-quarter combat.

Whenever your opponent obstructs your attack, shorten your stick and strike. Why strike with the stick when a strike with the bare hands is more effective, and why strike with a punch when a good elbow hit is more suitable, and so on.

The actual switching from one weapon to a different one must be natural.Lightning-fast Attacks. All strikes or hits are initiated as a surprise.

Therefore, it must be unpredictable. Its moves or intentions should not be choreographed. Also, make use of short or stemless strikes.

This is more effective and harder to defend than lengthy strikes. The more a person stretches his arm, the more open he becomes to counter attacks.

Keep in mind that the area you’re protecting shouldn’t be open whenever you deliver a strike. Therefore, when striking or hitting, you must reduce exposure to that part. This is a balance between defense and offense.

The shortest between two points is a straight line. Strike straight and do not circle it around. Circling strikes are great to look at but it may cost you your life in an actual fight.Straight and immediate strikes also allows for a quicker recovery whenever you’re preparing for offensive and defensive moves.

Again, in Balintawak Eskrima, aim your strikes in a non-telegraphic or non-choreographed way.

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