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On January 11th, Eskabo Daan joined “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Mark Munoz for a wrestling and mixed martial arts seminar at Treasure Island. Team Munoz held the seminar as a means to raise funds for the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.

Eskabo Daan along with Visayan Style Corto Kadena Eskrima and Inayan Eskrima were asked by Munoz to showcase Filipino martial arts for the event.

Master Joseph Bautista supported Munoz’s event wholeheartedly. “He’s a Bay Area guy, Kababayan and it only makes sense that if his cause is to raise funds and he’s asked us to help, why not?”

When asked by what his thoughts were sharing Filipino martial arts with Munoz, Bautista replied, “It was awesome! It was an honor for us to show him Filipino martial arts and some of his heritage that’s he’s never been exposed to. On top of that, we had two other groups that were with us to help showcase different aspects of Filipino martial arts to show where it goes and he seemed really excited about it.”

Munoz, who had very little knowledge of the Filipino martial arts, was captivated by the art as the demonstrations went on.

“I thought it was interesting to share the FMA perspective and you could tell he was very interested into the Filipino martial arts,” stated Joshua Primero (Eskabo Daan student).

After the performances, Munoz expressed interest in learning his native art.

“He has expressed interest in learning FMA from a cultural basis and from a new skill set basis. Our sole purpose is to promote and propagate FMA and if Mark Munoz is willing to learn and use it in the ring, why not?” beamed Bautista.

But it wasn’t only Munoz who came out of this event with a new appreciation, as many Eskabo Daan students became fans of him that day.

“As a person, I definitely found a new respect for him knowing that even though with his professional work as a fighter, he is able to be down to earth and give to other people. After the event, I actually did start looking up Filipino MMA fighters and boxers,” stated Urmi Patel.

“You can really see he gives back to the community, he’s not all about fighting, he’s about giving back” stated Allison Pilapil.

Eskabo Daan uniting with Team Munoz is just one way that Eskabo Daan is working towards unifying Filipino martial arts.

Regardless of fighting style, Eskabo Daan will go above and beyond to help those in need and share their knowledge with whoever wishes to learn.