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Interview of Master Eddy Velez

Guro Jason Cruz of the Legacy Martial Arts Studio

Carin’s Doce Pares

Split Second Deadly Movements of Mink Mongoose

The Origins of Big Stick Combat


Building Blocks of FMA

FMA Past Events

FMA Future Events

FMA Pulse

Weapons Review: The Red Scorpion Six MKarambit


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As you will notice this issue starts with 3 interviews. First an interview with Master Eddy Velez son of Grandmaster Teofilo Velez, learning from his father and also training and gaining knowledge with Grandmaster Atty. Jose Villasin, Grandmaster Anciong Bacon, my brother Grandmaster Chito Velez and Grandmaster Bobby Tabimina.

Next Guro Jason Cruz of the Legacy Martial Arts Studio who has a school in Upland, CA. Guro Cruz has a very interesting past and also a bright future. Finally Grandmaster Alfredo Carin the son of Grandmaster Inting “Vicar” Carin who was associated in the second group after the Founders of Doce Pares in the 1950s. All three interviews you should find very interesting and informative.

Grandmaster Cecelio Sandigan will tell you about the split second deadly movements of Mink Mongoose and its weaponry. Got a question concerning him then Email him and find out more.

Darrin Cook talks about the Origins of Big Stick Combat and wraps the article up in discussing the baseball bat, traditionally used in the American game, but can be a formable weapon

Bridges Intercultural Productions is an international dance-theater and cultural Organization who has brought unforgettable performances in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Greece and the Philippines, performed Pagbunyag in Zurich, Switzerland. The first performance was such a huge success that the group decided to have another.

And of course the FMAdigest columns Building Blocks of FMA,, and FMA Pulse; each bringing information that is informative and beneficial to you the reader.

The past events tells you want you have missed if you were not in attendance and the future events informs you of events that if possible you should attend.

Amo Guro Michael Blackgrave gives a weapons review of the Red Scorpion Six MKarambit and also informs you about the results of his performance test.

Check out the announcement section you will find that October is now Filipino American History Month in the United States, Pakamut promotion and the passing of an unforgettable practitioner Grandmaster Federico T. Lazo.

So please enjoy.

Maraming Salamat Po