Siete Pares Escrima is a Filipino Martial Arts system which can be traced to a certain town in Iloilo Philippines, as practiced by seven brothers, each one fights with a different style or way from each other.

They were the defending champion in their town for so many years, unbeatable and undefeated, until one day a young man named Sozimo Labor or Sossing as known by his townsmen of Janiway came into the picture.

A prodigy of Carlos Jaranella, an adventurer and fighter who earned his skills from Cebu who traveled back to Iloilo as guerrilla, a soldier of World War II and also a tournment of death fighter.

Sossing Labor learned his Arnis/Escrima basics from his father, Zacarias Labor, a De Campo and Disalon fighter whose favorte weapon was the bamboo lance or bankao. Sossing was taken by Caloy Jaranella under his wing and trained him for tournament fighting.

In the early part of 1976 Bert Labitan trained daily with Maestro de Maestro Sosimo Labor in the fighting art of 7 Pares Escrima. On the 3rd year of their training, Bert was able to differentiate and isolate each style of the Siete Pares system.

On November 30, 1994, Maestro de Maestros or Grandmaster Sosim Labor passed the stewardship of Siete Pares Escrima to Bert Labitan, Maestros or Grandmaster of the system.

Siete Pares Escrima is composed of the following styles: Sinawali, Di Campo, Tinulisan, Figura 8, Orabis, Disalon, Binukidnon, Kapakapa or Pupog, Pabilog, Combate Heneral, Cruzada, At Iba Pa.Belief and Love of God is encouraged.

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