Philippine martial arts is a reflection of the long tradition of battles and outcry that had shaped the country’s history. Martial arts were developed as a means to combat enemies and for self defense.

Indigenous Filipinos developed the practice of martial arts wherein the use of weapons was crucial. They used sticks, cudgels, knives and broad boards. Indonesians, Chinese and Malaysians had contributed a significant fighting techniques. Two of the most popular fighting arts are arnis karate, and kali Filipino martial arts.

If you watched Jackie Chan’s film, you probably have an idea on how Filipino martial arts sikaran arnis are performed. The movements and techniques are impressive that will surely knock you down. Side kicks, pirouette, and hand movements are tactically developed in combative situations and self defense.

Sikaran martial arts or “foot fighting” is one of the toughest martial arts in the Philippines. It is style that uses mainly the legs and feet for fighting. There are several kicks that have earned Sikaran its popularity. This style needs the strength and firmness of the legs of the participants.

The Biachi, which is similar to a hook kick, and the Batamba or flying spinning back kick are commonly used in Sikaran martial arts. These kicks aims to deceive an opponent if an opponent is trying to block.

The front kick, roundhouse kick, and the side thrust kicks are executed in such a manner that the knees do not break If executed improperly it can cause damage to the joint which is a common injury in martial arts today. There are also a lot of flying and spinning flying kicks techniques, the article will be convoluted if I enumerate them one by one.

If you think that the hands are used sparingly, that’s a big no,no! The hands are used to block and sidestep. Sikaran hand strikes used by Sikaran practitioners are Pangahilos and Pamatory. Pangahilos is a paralyzing blocks, strikes, and kicks followed by potential fatal blows.

Going back to history. Sikaran roots its style to the very long Philippine tradition. Dating was the tradition that had influenced Sikaran. If two men wished to court a young woman, they would place their sandals in her doorstep.

If the girl had chosen the man she wished to accept, she would bring the man’s sandal inside. If she would not choose, the two men would fight to the death with their wrists tied together by a cord and a Balisong (butterfly knife) in the other hand. Often the winner was in no shape to claim her hand. Fortunately some of the older traditions have been omitted.

That’s how Sikaran had started!

Nowadays, with the grueling economical and political instability in the Philippines, a lot of crimes have been reportedl in the country. Most of the incidence of theft, robbery, and abduction, and hold-up highly stressed the need for money.

The continuous oil price hike, inflation, and other economic crises has left nothing but burden to Filipinos especially the poor. some, although they don’t want to commit such crime, the need for food and money pushed them to steal or kill. It’s a matter of survival of the fittest; wherein you have only two choices–whether to kill or get killed.

It is disturbing to know these realities, but knowing some sort of self defense will make you confident. If your life is at stake knowing some Sikaran techniques could be a great help indeed!

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