Filipino Martial Arts is now being brought to viewers in the comfort of their own homes! PNOI TV, Comcast and ESKABO DAAN are teaming together to help promote the culture, history and beauty of FMA.

Right now the show is on Comcast on Demand and is absolutely free to Comcast subscribers! Viewers will be able to learn about Filipino Martial Arts along with the culture and history, which comes with it.

Pnoi TV is a local Filipino-American air channel where you can watch original, locally produced shows here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It is operated by the JsCamins Production Company who also holds the Adobo Festivals throughout Northern California. The Adobo Festival is the only festival, which promotes Filipino culture by going from one location to the next.

Eskabo Daan is an FMA school located in San Francisco, the same city it was created in. Grandmaster Robert Castro will be starring in the show and will be conducting classes on the show with the help of some of his students.

The purpose of the show is to teach FMA to those who wish to learn. It will also serve as a vehicle to help promote cultural awareness and to educate the masses about Filipino martial culture.

Throughout the show the viewers will be given historical and cultural facts about FMA. Overall, the show will cater to those looking to learn FMA or simply to learn more about the culture and history.

Comcast is the major cable provider, which has granted us the opportunity to help promote the FMA.

So with the help of PNOI TV, Comcast, JsCamins Production, One Child at a Time, INC and FilAM Star the show has been made a reality.  Below are short commercials about the show.

The show will utilize the resources from this website FMA PULSE to help conduct the show. Many Thanks to FMA PULSE!!