Kali, Arnis, Eskrima – The Survival Arts of the Philippines

By: Grandmaster Cecelio Sandigan

The Split Seconds Deadly Moves. Grandmaster Cecilio Sandigan, says he has spent time in building, developing, and theorizing the most powerful and effective Filipino martial arts techniques in history.

He has researched, formulated, theorized and tested these techniques for over 30 years, and in his opinion he has found the most powerful and effective martial arts techniques that he calls the survival arts of the Philippine Islands.

Grandmaster Cecelio Sandigan system of Filipino martial arts is composed of well mobilization, foot work, flexibility, and smoothness of movement to avoid the opponent by moving away from the point of attack in order to counter with the right timing to counter attack the opponent.

Grandmaster Cecelio Sandigan system of martial arts specializes in the use of weapons, particularly in long and short stick weapons, and long and short bladed weapons. This martial art not only teaches the usage of those weapons but also the art of disarming these weapons from an opponent.

This martial art also specializes in bare hand combat particularly locking techniques, counter-lock techniques, lock-releasing techniques and arresting techniques for law enforcement. The art also specializes in striking techniques using different points of attach which may result to paralyze the opponents’ body.

A sudden full impact of strikes, with speed and timing once the opponent obtains hits to any part of the human body can cause paralysis because of heavy impact of the strikes and it would be impossible to counter the strikes delivered.

This kind of martial art is very applicable to all practitioners who trains consistently and with discipline and also the training is applicable in daily living; especially to those persons who make a living as law enforcement, security and body guards, and other jobs with physical attributes of self defense.

Mink Mongoose Kali, Arnis, Eskrima Columbus, Ohio Chapter

Grandmaster Cecelio Sandigan’s martial art must be embraced by the Filipino people because it is originally made by Filipinos and it is adopted by the Filipino Martial Arts Association of the Philippines even the World Master Alliance Council and Philippine Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Masters have recognized the art.

What are these split seconds deadly movements about? The split seconds deadly movements are a secret deadly dance with tremendous speed and proper timing and never using emotions in attacking the opponent.

It observes a sense of precision and understands of no fear and provokes its opponent to strike and gives it the full manipulation of the fighting situation giving the opponent no opportunity to counter or follow up their movements.

The movement teaches the fighter how to think and relax at the time of challenges and keeps the practitioner thinking whether just to disarm or paralyze the opponent.

It is experience of the split seconds deadly moves, teaching the ultimate science of self defense, it is the experience and power of Arnis Labtik, Arnis Hagupit, Arnis Kawil, Arnis Balatinga, Arnis Kade Kadena, Arnis Bakus, and Singsing Garab Mano Mano.

Arnis Labtik – consist of 28 inches of foldable, flexible, hard material that has 2 inches solid metal in both ends of Arnis Labtik.

Arnis Hagupit – consist of 28 inches of flexible hard material that has 6 inches of metal in its handle and has 2 inches solid metal in its end of Arnis Hagupit.

Singsing Garab Mano Mano – consist of ring metal that has a curved blade, the upper part of the ring is able to slash the nerves.

Arnis Kawil – consist of 22 inches of small rope that has a 2 metal curb in its end it is similar to the materials for catching fish, it is used for full martial arts self defense in Arnis.

Arnis Balatinga – consists of 22 inches of small rope with 2 pieces of small balls that made of metal.

Arnis Kade Kadena – consist of 22 inches of metal chain with 2 pieces of round stainless metal on both ends.

Arnis Bakus – consist of 46 inches of leather belt with a sharp bladed weapon that is secretly inserted inside the leather belt.