The balangkas (Kata/forms) presented in this book were developed in the late 1950’s and 1960’s and were originally intended to be presented one at a time in an Instructional Training Manual format.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, only two such manuals were published (Instructor’s Manual Series I and Series II). Other manuals never saw publication.

Fortunately, the author Emmanuel Del Espiritu Santo Querubin, was able to keep the only copy of the original balangkas illustrations and layouts.

These original, unmodified balangkas (except for the Sikaran training uniform) developed by Meliton Geronimo, with the assistance of Jaime Geronimo and Emmanuel Querubin, and approved by the Sikaran elders of Baras, are now presented in this book form.

These are the only original balangkas of Sikaran. Even the starting and ending salutaion, which were considered part of the balangkas, are presented as they were originally developed.


Samples of some original illustrations from Sikaran Instructor’s Manuals that were not published.

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