Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas

The Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas System is an ancient Filipino combat and survival systam indigenous to the island of Negros in the Visayan Region of the Philippines. This [...]

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Doce Pares

Doce Pares was founded on January 11, 1932 by a small group of Eskrima Masters spearheaded by Eulogio Cañete, Lorenzo Saavedra and Teodoro Saavedra. Twelve [...]

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Dumog is the term used in Eskrima to refer to wrestling techniques. A specific system of Filipino wrestling, Buno, is considered by some to be [...]

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Eskabo Daan

Eskabo Daan Martial Arts strives to give all who wish to learn the ability and knowledge to feel confident about being able to defend themselves. [...]

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Espada y Daga

Espada y Daga (also known as "punta y daga" or "olisi y baraw (cebuano))" is a modern discipline of Eskrima and the Filipino Martial Arts [...]

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ETF Combat Escrima

COMBAT ESCRIMA Is an old fighting art, originating from the combination of the European fencing school and Southeast Asian martial arts. Escrima training these days [...]

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