Best in the Bay

On March 18th, Eskabo Daan was voted Best Martial Arts by San Francisco’s A-List. The award comes after hundreds of votes from Eskabo Daan students [...]

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Dances with Sticks

In every form of martial arts, there are particular attributes that always come into play. Strength, speed and stamina are just a few of the [...]

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Defanging The Snake

It is an expression used to articulate the mindset of Filipino Martial Arts. Defanging the snake means to neutralize the immediate threat coming towards you whether it [...]

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Eskabo Daan

Eskabo Daan Martial Arts strives to give all who wish to learn the ability and knowledge to feel confident about being able to defend themselves. [...]

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Eskabo Daan Gives Back

Master Joseph Bautista and Carla Ayala spent ten days at a Native American village in Alaska. The Native American village called Tanana welcomed Bautista and [...]

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On January 11th, Eskabo Daan joined “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Mark Munoz for a wrestling and mixed martial arts seminar at Treasure Island. Team Munoz [...]

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