22 April 2018

Practicing in the Phillipines

First poster here, looking for some experienced practitioners who have taken their training outside of the US, UK, Germany etc. to study in the Phillipines. I myself am currently taking Latosa Escrima, and love the conceptual aspect to it, but also enjoy the idea of cross training with other styles for another view. I'm particularly interested in Balintawak for its training method to burn reactions into the practitioner, as well as Doce Pares simply for sharing a similar view to my own in combining techniques (funny, I know, as they arose out of disagreement with one another). I figure, why not travel to the country of origin and immerse myself in it for say, a month, as prices seem to be relatively affordable and more accomodating for my current financial standing.

I've also read it is uncommon for Panantukan to be taught in the Phillipines, as it was primarily developed in more of a Western tradition with American boxing in Hawaii. Wondering if it would be worth it to study there with it's direct lineage.

Finally, part of my reasoning for these extremes is I desire to travel, and preferably build towards something in the process. Hoping someone has experience with this. Thanks in advance!

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