22 April 2018

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Posted by FMA Informative on May 19, 2017

The Other Side of Ron Kosakowski

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Who is Ron Kosakowski?
Interview with Ron Kosakowski
Dean Franco a Last Word About Guro Ron
The Other Side of Ron Kosakowski

The FMA Informative thanks Mr. Dean Franco for sharing the other side of Guro Ron Kosakowski. Why does the FMA Informative say other side? Guro Ron Kosakowski is known throughout the world as the founder and owner of TFW.

Mr. Kosakowski is an accomplished, highly skilled, professional teacher that is thought of in the highest regards by all in his abilities and attitude of that can-do spirit of the martial arts. Mr. Kosakowski is also the owner of the Practical Self Defense Training Center (www.psdtc.com), which was established in 1988.

Mr. Franco brings the application of the Geometric Science within Ron Kosakowski’s unique blend of Kali to light. The interview with Mr. Kosakowski is his thoughts and feelings on Kali.

The FMA Informative has known Mr. Kosakowski for many years, and has done a few issues on his in-tent events. Which is an excellent event and should not be attended if at all possible for the skills and knowledge that is taught is excellent and would improve anyone’s skill whether a be-ginner or a seasoned practitioner.

However as said before Mr. Kosakowski his widely or should the FMA Informative says known throughout the world as TFW, with the extravagant and intricate looking artwork done to the blades, the handles and the sheaths.