21 April 2018

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Posted by FMA Informative on March 24, 2017

Manalo Combative Arts (Expanding the Lineage)

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Manalo Combative Arts
Expanding the Lineage
Tuhon Brandon Jordan
Guro Bob Manalo, Jr.
Guro Alvin Albano
   Derobio Eskrima
Basic Classes to Develop Knowledge and Skills
   Guro Bob Manalo, Jr. Class
   Guro Alvin Albano Class

The FMA Informative met Guro Bob Manalo many years ago, he is a very energetic, respectful, professional practitioner of the Filipino martial arts

Guro Manalo formed the Manalo Combative Arts in 2015 as a home for multiple styles of martial arts with Eskrima Serrada as the initial style of the group. However he encourages his students and instructors to branch out and experience other styles and systems so that they can bring back what they learn to make the group stronger in knowledge and skills.

Tuhon Jordan the Founder of the Mandala Mandirigma System, personally delivered the late Great Grandmaster Pedoy’s Master’s Prayer to Guro Bob Manalo and Guro Alvin Albano formal induction into the Derobio Eskrima lineage.

For more information on Manalo Combative Arts and its programs, Email them at:  mandalamandirigmasf@gmail.com

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