21 March 2018

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Posted by FMA Informative on August 30, 2017

Hidden Filipino Art Form Revealed at History Con Manila 2017

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Pandoy Pulido
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The FMA Informative would like to thank Pandoy Pulido / Mr. Pulido for the material on the subject of the “Hidden Filipino Art Form Revealed at History Con Manila 2017.” Which the event was held August 10 - 13, 2017.

Mr. Pulido an artisan second-in-line to the smith, called a pulidor is one who works quietly, unhurriedly, with stone and cool water, to bring out the smith's vision hiding underneath the charred, ragged surface of the freshly forged blade.

Though a panday is an artist in making blades Mr. Pulido a pulidor works for hours on end, carefully defining the geometry of the blade's edge and tip, then painstakingly evening out the surface so that the panday's intricate metallurgical pattern of water (sometimes oil) rushing over the fire is made visible to the naked eye; and more importantly, the maximum cutting efficiency that he had in mind, is finally realized.

About Mr. Pulido

Pandoy Pulido sharpens, polishes, and restores Filipino blades using hybrid methods. He is also a part-time English tutor and a student of Japanese, European, and Filipino swordsmanship; as well as a beginner in Zen, bushcraft, and permaculture, which he hopes to integrate into an ethos of the Filipino bolo that will be responsive to the “new normal” of the 21st century.

Mr. Pulido can be contacted on Face Book as Pandoy Pulido

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