21 April 2018

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Posted by FMA Informative on August 21, 2015

Guardian of the Art Cinco Teros

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Cinco Teros or Cincosh Teroesh (“Five Strikes”)
Maestro Mayor Hong Pointers
Cinco Teros Knife Fighting Drills

When the FMA Informative representative visited Baguio, Philippines for the 3rd FMA Hall of Fame, Mr. Jayson Vincente introduced the representative to Maestro Mayor Rolando C. Hong of the Arnis Cinco Teros Style.

Maestro Mayor Rolando Hong is one of the incorporators of the Tribal Clan Martial Arts System - Baguio Arnis All Star Inc. and one of the senior adviser of the Organization, one of the elusive remaining Senior Masters of the Cinco Teros style of Arnis, Guro Lando as he is fondly called started in Martial Arts in 1962 under one of his uncle Maestro Onofre Solomon of Pangasinan who was his mentor in the secretive art of Cinco Teros that traces its origin in San Jacinto and Urbis Tondo Pangasinan.

Maestro Mayor Hong as the FMA Informative understands remains a guardian of the art of Cinco Teros teaching only trusted students, mostly close friends and family members to make sure of the preservation of the Cinco Teros art.

Just a Note: Maestro Mayor Hong is also a Black Belt in Judo and Karate and is a former member of the Philippine National Team in Karate and was a former Karate world Champion in the "1st World Karate Goodwill Tournament."

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