22 April 2018

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Posted by FMA Informative on June 02, 2017

Biagtan Ayura Cinco Teros Kali

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Master Raysaldo Biagtan Discusses
- History of Cinco Teros
- History of Biagtan Ayura Cinco Tero Kali
- Biagtan Ayura Cinco Teros Kali
- Selection of Techniques
- If Used for Combat
- BACTK System  Principles
Fighting Distance Ranges
Blunt Weapons
Weapon Strikes and Defense
Striking Pattern 1 and Counters
- Strike 1 (Sigbat)
- Strike 2 (Aldabis)
- Strike 3 (Saboy)
- Strike 4 (Saplit)
- Strike 5 (Duyok)

The FMA Informative would really like to thank Mr. Lee Lollio in submitting this material on Maestro Raysaldo Biagtan. The FMA Formative was going to get together with Maestro Biagtan on its last visit to the Philippines, however Maestro Biagtan ended up being in Malaysia at the time, so it never happened.

So again thank you to Mr. Lee Lollio for making it possible for the FMA Informative to share something about Maestro Raysaldo Biagtan and his style Biagtan Ayura Cinco Teros Kali.

Maestro Raysaldo Biagtan

Maestro Raysaldo Biagtan was born in Agoo, La Union and raised in Malabago, Mangaldan, Pangasinan. He started his training in martial arts at the early age of 8, trained with his uncle Rudolfo Biagtan of Maharlika Kuntaw ng Pilipinas - Dagupan City chapter, and also Karate Do guided by his Uncle Florentino Biagtan and Sensie Alfredo Castro of Shotokan Karate, and Kru Rolando Catoy in Muaythai. He also trained with the legendary TRACMA Grandmaster Trovador Ramos, and Master Johnny Llames and Rocquel Pedralvez of TRACMA Sport Unit, Dagupan City chapter which he earned his 5th degree Blackbelt. He trained Pangasinan Cinco Teros with his Paternal GrandFather Oding Billosillo and his Uncle Bernardo Billosillo and from his maternal Grandfather Roberto Caballero Bianan, who was a former Guerilla Soldier during World War II and a Cinco Teros Gubatan/ Gubador.

At the age of 19, Maestro Biagtan started his Kickboxing Career, he earned his first Championship Trophy in Philippine Kickboxing Organization (PKBO) with superb accomplishment of twenty fights without losses (undefeated). At the age of twenty five he join the Muaythai Kickboxing Association of the Philippines (MTKAP), recognized by the wellknown organization around the globe, the International Muaythai Federation based in Thailand and England, International Kickboxing Federation of Germany. Maestro Raysaldo Biagtan was undefeated Champion, holds the MTKAP Bantamweight and Featherweight title. He was also a World MuayThai Championship finalist that was held in Thailand, a Silver medalist in IKBF World Championship and No.8 rated in World ranking in 1996.

In 1997 Maestro Biagtan travel and work to Korea to study and expand his experience in Korean martial arts like Kyuk Too Ki , Hapkido. During his stay in the country he had compete in Kyuk Too Ki and Kwon Kyuk Do International and World Championship an impressive combination of MuyThai and Taekwondo. He works and trained hard to accomplish his achievements and tried several times until he achieved his goal.

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