21 April 2018

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Posted by FMA Informative on March 17, 2017

Balintawak Bull Chapter-Greece - Visits London England

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Instructor: Christos Koutsotasios (Bull Chapter)
Balintawak Eskrima (London UK Seminar)
- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
Final Thought on the Event

The FMA Informative is very grateful that Guro Christos Koutsotasios of the Balintawak Bull Chapter-Greece is sharing his event that he had at the Chalkhill Community Centre - 113 Chalkhill Rd., Wembley, London, England. Hosted by the Pucará Combined Martial Systems.

For you the reader who may not know and remember Guro Koutsotasios who is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Non Serviam Academy and a student of Grandmaster Nick Elizar and Chief Instructor and Representative of the Nickelstick Balintawak Eskrima Bull Chapter Greece and also Filipino martial arts training under IKAEF, where he attained Kadua Guro rank - visit his website to learn more.

Guru Christos Koutsotasios has held many seminars inviting practitioners to his school to share their ideas in Balintawak and also other practitioners sharing their styles. The FMA Informative has reported this in various FM Informative newspaper in the past events section. Another issue which Guro Jerome Teague supplied the FMA Informative of his travels and the event which was hosted by Guro Koutsotasios, a 3 day FMA Summer Camp held in Chalkidiki, Greece. This was the FMA Informative issue #243

The FMA Informative highly suggests that if Guro Christos Koutsotasios visits your area to be sure to attend and gain some very professional knowledge and skills with his teachings.

You can also order his book “The Nickelstick Balintawak Eskrima Bull Chapter Training and Application” which is an extensive overview of material found in the Nickelstick Eskrima Club and the Bull Chapter curriculum.

Preparatory exercises as well as basic and advanced material are presented in a step by step method, with detailed description and in depth explanation of the methods and applications for each technique.

Guro Koutsotasios is available for any inquiries from interested parties regarding training, travel, and lodging accommodations.
You can contact him via email on Facebook or via his websites, nonserviam.weebly.com/martial-arts.html