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Jendo is a fast rising traditional style of Martial Arts existing in the Philippines for almost four decades based on the concept and principles called “Tres Energias” or the “Tri-Force”.

The art utilizes barehands and feet and the traditional Filipino stick and bladed weaponries like arnis, pang-or, bangkaw,  itak, bolo and punyal as a means of self-defense. The word Jendo means The  Economical New Fist Way.

Jendo was founded on a systematic principles of body movements that develops its practitioners into a healthy, alert and mentally well-coordinated person.

Jendo is not just an expression of martial arts defense and counter attack, it is an expression of inner oneself; a means of attaining lifes true meaning.

It is an art and science that deals with the study of human existence, behavior and its relationship with all things that surround him. It is the path in which something is and should be achieved.

Jendo is an art of acquiring both physical and spiritual freedom, it is direct and natural. It is not fixed, it is alive, ever changing and always searching for new ways; it has a room for improvements just like the world or the universe we are living in, never constant ever vibrant.

This is Jendo!