21 March 2018

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Posted by FMA Admin on June 21, 2013

Visayan Binagong


Pre 1900


Barotac, Panay Island in Southern Visaya


Carved wooden figural deity hilt with silver plates and silver wire work to accentuate the diety’s facial features. Octagonal silver ferrule and carve carabao (native domestic water buffalo) horn disc guard with silver trim. Silver ferrule and silver disc guard trim are fully engraved with floral decorative motif. Provenance engraved on ferrule Barotac on one side and Panay on the other.


Chisel ground blade with a down ward klewang shaped.


Wooden scabbard with brass bands and brass scabbard tip and by scabbard mouth. Thinner and flatter are typical characteristics.

Overall Length: 

68.5 cm

Blade Length: 

56 cm

Handle Length: 

12.5 cm

Scabbard Length: 

59 cm