21 March 2018

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Posted by FMA Admin on June 21, 2013

Panay Tenegre


Circa 1800s/early 1900's


Diety head hilt. Intricately carved. made out of Kamagong (iron wood). Not much is known about these mysterious hilts; who or what they represent. The disc guard is made out of carabao, or water buffalo horn. The blade appears to be monosteel, made from a raspfile (notice the faint scale-like engravings on the blade). Typical of Visayan blades, it has a bevelled edge; flat on one side andchiseled on the other side. Usually denotes if the original owner is left or right handed. Scabbard style is also typical of Panay/Negros Islands; leather throat with brass bands.

Overall Length: 

62.9 cm

Blade Length: 

49.5 cm

Handle Length: 

13.3 cm

Scabbard Length: 

52.9 cm