Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis System

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Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis System is a martial art founded by the late Jose “Joe” L. Viñas in 1932.

It is primarily a solo baston and pangamut (empty handed) system of Arnis. The art is now headed by the late founder’s son, Wilson “Nonong” E. Viñas.

The oldest living grandmaster of the art in the world is Dominador “Doming” D. Ferrer of Bacolod City,[citation needed] the founder of Kalantiaw Defense Society (KDS), at 86 years old as of the end of 2006.

The Kalantiaw Defense Society of Ferrer and the Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc. of Founders James U. Sy Jr. and Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado are the major propagators of this system in Bacolod City and the Negros Island.

Instructors of Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis promoted by Viñas under the New Standardized Ranking System of the Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis Aficionados Association (LVAAA), Inc. include: Dominador “Doming” D. Ferrer (10th degree grandmaster), Irving P. Elefante (7th degree senior master). Ferdinand Emmanuel Y. Gayoles (5th degree master), Servando P. Largo Jr., James U. Sy Jr., and Joeffrey S. Deriada (4th degree master instructors), Dante L. Robles (3rd degree senior instructor). John Owen L. Ong (2nd degree instructor), and Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado, Lafayette A. Diamante, Lorema H. Tacsagon, Heli Altamarino, Wilson A. Alvarado, and Moises Nifras Jr. (1st degree instructors).