21 March 2018

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Posted by FMA Admin on June 21, 2013

Insurrection Katipunan Dagger




Ilokano tribe, Ilocos Norte, Northeastern Luzon Island. At base of blade there is an engraved triangle with a star at each corner and a sun with a face in the middle and worn remains of a banner with “Liberitad” (“Liberty” in Spanish). The triangular device is a later Katipunan symbol officially used during the Republic of the Philippines from 1898-1901. On the other side are engraved the words “Filipinas”, Philippines in Spanish (the country name in use at the turn of the century), “Ylocos Norte” (the province) and “Laoag” (the capital of Ilocos Norte). The hilt is made of carabao horn with a top and bottom ferrule made of bronze. Note: this is a rarer type of dagger not often seen.

Overall Length: 

52.5 cm

Blade Length: 

38 cm