24 November 2017

29 September 2017

Friday: 15 September
Saturday: 16 September
Sunday: 17 September
A few more great memorable moments

The 2nd Annual World Self Defense Gathering was held...

25 September 2017

Food for Thought
Thoughts on Reality
Ranges of Disarming
Important Concepts
Training to Disarm

The FMA Informative thanks Guro Joel Huncar for his...

21 September 2017

The Idea of the Box In a Picture
Figure 1 - The Box
Figure 2 - Octa
Figure 3 - Circle
Figure 4 – Pyramid
Figure 5 – Cone
Figure 6/7 - Half eight / Full eight...

30 August 2017

Pandoy Pulido
Those Who Seek
Simulated Reality
Regional Influence
Polishing Out the Best in the Filipino

The FMA Informative would like to thank Pandoy Pulido / Mr....

20 August 2017

Day 1
Day 2
Final Comments

The FMA Informative would like to thank Grandmaster Dan Medina and his wife Stephanie Medina for the material in this FMA Informative issue.


31 July 2017

Part 1.1. The Base
Part 2.1. First Strike with the Left Hand
Part 2.2. Second Strike with the Left Hand
Part 2.3. Third Strike with the Left Hand



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