28 July 2017

23 July 2017

The Majority of FMA Community Has Spoken or Should it be said Not Spoken

Surprising with over 8,000 subscribers and over 5,000 on the FMA Informative Face Book group page,...

02 June 2017

Master Raysaldo Biagtan Discusses
- History of Cinco Teros
- History of Biagtan Ayura Cinco Tero Kali
- Biagtan Ayura Cinco Teros Kali
- Selection of Techniques
- If...

19 May 2017

Who is Ron Kosakowski?
Interview with Ron Kosakowski
Dean Franco a Last Word About Guro Ron
The Other Side of Ron Kosakowski

The FMA Informative thanks Mr. Dean Franco for...

05 May 2017


The FMA Informative is very grateful to have Mr. Daniel Murray bring forth another part of his views on Empty Hand...

24 March 2017

Manalo Combative Arts
Expanding the Lineage
Tuhon Brandon Jordan
Guro Bob Manalo, Jr.
Guro Alvin Albano
   Derobio Eskrima
Basic Classes to Develop Knowledge...

17 March 2017

Instructor: Christos Koutsotasios (Bull Chapter)
Balintawak Eskrima (London UK Seminar)
- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
Final Thought on the Event

The FMA...


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