22 April 2018

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Filipino Combat Systems (FCS)

Founded by Guro Ray Dionaldo, Filipino Combat Systems an organization dedicated the preservation and promotion of all Filipino Martial Arts.

Filipino Combat Systems(FCS) is an organization/system with members from around the world. We come from extremely diverse backgrounds and Martial Arts systems. We've all come together because of our love of the Filipino Martial Arts, and our unwillingness to become involved in the politics that has so often stifled our growth.

The disciplines of FCS include but are not limited to:

Mano-Mano / Open Hand
Sikaran / Foot and Leg Fighting
Solo Baston / Single Stick
Double Baston / Double Stick
Olisi Palad / Palm Stick
Tactical Baton
Kerambit / Hooked Blade
Daga / Single Blade
Daga Daga / Double Blade
Espada / Long Sword
Espada y Daga / Sword and Dagger
Tabak-Toyok / Nunchaku
Sarong / Malong
Latiko / Whip